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The Blue Ribbon Sale of Champions Foundation has been supporting Wisconsin youth actively involved in agriculture for over 50 years.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to educate and encourage Wisconsin State Fair youth exhibitors to produce high quality livestock that will provide wholesome and nutritious products while providing a platform for enhancing and strengthening the agriculture community of Wisconsin, and to foster better understanding of the agriculture industry throughout our society.

Our Impact

Blue Ribbon Sale of Champions Foundation

  • Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction

  • Scholarships

  • Camp of Champions

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Wisconsin State Fair

  • Wisconsin State Fair Junior Exhibitor Showmanship contest winners

  • Reserve Champion Market Livestock Awards

  • Livestock Quiz and Communications Contests

  • Leadership Awards

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WI Livestock Breeders Association Show Camp

  • Program Sponsorship

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Our Programs

Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction

The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction draws a crowd of nearly 800 guests every year to Wisconsin State Fair to support the youth exhibiting the champion livestock, and we are honored to offer this opportunity to the Wisconsin agricultural community. From auctioning off the champion livestock, to awarding $30,000 in scholarships as well as the leadership awards for each species and bringing together companies and individuals elated to support these youth - it is truly a premier agricultural event of the annual Wisconsin State Fair.

Scholarship Program

The Blue Ribbon Sale of Champions Foundation scholarship program awards $30,000 in scholarship to recognize the achievements of Wisconsin State Fair Junior Livestock exhibitors to assist them with their educational expenses.

Camp of Champions

The Camp of Champions is a 4-day exhibit which features all of Wisconsin State Fair Grand Champion Drive winners from the Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction. This exhibit provides the exhibitors an opportunity to represent the agricultural community by educating the general public as their animals are viewed as well as participate in group activities, educational sessions and a service project.

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