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Starting Thursday, August 10, stop by the south end of the Lower Cattle Barn to see the Camp of Champions. This exhibit features all of the Grand Champion Drive winners auctioned off in the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction held on Wednesday, August 9.

Our Mission

The Camp brings together all of the Grand Champion Drive winners to share their common success, create camaraderie, and bring life-long friendships. The Camp teaches these youth how to bring a connection between urban community and their rural livestock values, allowing the opportunity to educate the public about why agriculture is important to their livelihood.

If you are interested in directly supporting the Camp of Champions program and the development of this elite group of youth in the Wisconsin livestock industry, click below to donate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Camp of Champions? 

The Camp of Champions brings Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction exhibitors and their animals together, allowing them the opportunity to showcase to the public why agriculture is important. The Camp of Champions often brings the exhibitors camaraderie and lifelong friendships. It is an honor to be a part of the Camp of Champions! 


Who is eligible for the Camp of Champions?

All exhibitors and animals of the market animals that sell in the Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction on Wednesday have the honor to stay in the Camp of Champions from Thursday afternoon through Sunday.


What happens if you, as an exhibitor, make it to the Auction and into the Camp of Champions?

All exhibitors and animals of the market animals that sell in the Governor's Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction stay with the camp from Thursday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon or early evening. This is the exhibitor's time to share each other’s common success and hard work. 


When is the Camp of Champions?

Begins:  Thursday afternoon following the day after the Auction.  

Ends:  Sunday late afternoon or early evening.


If an exhibitor makes it into the Camp of Champions, what do they need for his/her stay?

- Bedding for the dorm; pillow, sheets, blanket. Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center does not offer any bedding.

- Towels and your essential toiletries

- Closed-toe shoes/tennis shoes for an industry tour

- Phone charger, if needed

- Any personal prescription medications

2022 Camp of Champions

Camp of Champions participants

Pictured Above: Riley Runkel, Claire Duch, Katie Walkington , Tucker Bayer, Jimmy Tibbits, Cate Cherney, Chase Cherney, Ty Thorson, Cora Capatske, Caden Butts, Cole Slark, Bella Kuchler, Amanda Miklaszewski, Wyatt Nixon, Kaycee Lindner, Logan Bennett, Madison Russell, Chase Graham, Owen Young, Teagan McConnell, Kelsey Henderson, Halie Schwab, Clara Henderson, Sydney Depies, Ty Kershner, Tessa Smith, Brady Wilks, Baylee Leix, Cooper Willis, Morgan Black, Karmin Kilpin, Shelby Ward, Megan Doherty, Kauy Fargo, Ambassador, Paige Gaffney, Ambassador, Kyle Vondra, Ambassador, Ally Whitcomb, Ambassador

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